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Bow Mama with Bling and bows

Show off Your

Cheer Life with a

Cheer Bow HOLDER

Bow Mini with Star Bling

Tired of having bows all over?

In a drawer? Stuck in the back of your closet? At the bottom of your backpack?

Our Cheer Bow HOLDER can easily display all your bows. Each Holder is handmade using grosgrain ribbons, heavy duty Velcro and loving care.  They are  available in three sizes and can display anywhere from 3 to 26 bows!

The Bow Mini is designed for the backpack. Never leave home without your Competition bow, Practice bow and a few hair ties.

The Bow Baby is designed for the backpack or to hang on your wall. It can hold up to 12 bows!

The Bow Mama was designed "because Mama doesn't like the bows on the floor." The Bow Mama hangs on a wall and displays up to 26 bows!

Wouldn't you rather see all your bows than hide them in a drawer, closet or under the bed?

Ordering is easy, choose the colors you like, size of bow holder, and only question left is ... to Bling or not. Click here to shop ... 


"Your cheer bow holders have saved me from going insane with cheer bows all over my home!! Love that I can get a holder in my daughters colors, easy to use and my daughter loves it! I am ordering a smal holder for her bag, one for my bag (for extra hairs ties, etc.) as well as another holder for her wall (she grew out of the one I bought). This just makes me more excited for another cheer year!"

         Donielle B.

A Rainbow of Colors

Black & White, Purple, Pink, Orange, Blue, etc. Our bow holders are individually hand-made so we can match your team color(s), uniform, or even your bedroom colors. We take pride in designing the perfect bow holder for you.


Don't see what you're looking for? Email us and we will be happy to work with you to make the perfect bow holder.

Bow Mama's in some of our many colors

Although we make every effort to display our product colors as accurately as possible, we cannot guarantee that your computer monitor's display of the color is exactly the same.  

3 Sizes available

3 Sizes for all your needs

BOW MINI (small)

  • Has 3 loops to hold up to 6 bows.

  • Measures approximately 10 1/2".

  • Great for the backpack and cheerleaders just starting out.

  • Priced at $6 or with Sparkle $7

BOW BABY (medium)

  • Has 6 loops to hold up to 12 bows.

  • Measures approximately 21 1/2".

  • Can be attached to a backpack or hung on a wall. 

  • Priced at $15 or with Sparkle $17

BOW MAMA (large)

  • Has 13 loops to hold up to 26 bows.

  • Measures approximately 43 1/2".

  • Perfect for the veteran cheerleader.

  • Priced at $25 or with Sparkle $29

Bling on the velcro
Bling on Velcro with bow

Add a little Sparkle

Bling it and make your bows sparkle!

We can add rhinestones to your bow holder. It will make your bows sparkle and you can still see the bow and the bling!​

How to attach your bows

Although each velcro piece will hold 2 bows, we recommend you start with 1 on each and build from there.


Open the velcro piece and lay your bow across the middle. Take the top and bottom velcro pieces and attach them so it's just tight enough.


Adding a 2nd bow? Before attaching the velcro, wrap the elastic of the 2nd bow around the bottom piece of velcro twice. Then attach the velcro top/bottom together.

If you have any questions, email or contact us!


What else can they hold?

Anything you can think of!

Not only your cheer bows, but also:

  •     Sunglasses

  •     Hair Ties

  •     Bracelets & Necklaces

  •     Scarves (we recommend turning the Velcro in the other direction)


We Carry Key Chains, too!

We also carry personalized Key Chains/Fobs .. Cheer Mom, Cheer Dad, Cheer Coach, Sister, Grandma, Grandpa, Nonna, Aunt, ... whatever you want! Email us and we'll be happy to customize the perfect Key Chain for you in the colors of your choice.


If you don't see the color you're looking for, email us! 

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